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Musicians Insitute Library

About the Library

On-Campus Procedures

As of March 2021, the Library will remain closed until further notice. This means no access to computers, printers, work stations, or the circulation desk of the library. We do have policies listed below that we will be enacting for Spring 2021 that will allow some access to the Library's resources, but they will be limited to prevent exposure to COVID-19 on either end. All Library employees will be vaccinated to work on campus.

Instrument and Equipment Check Out

Starting April 19, 2021, students will be allowed to check out instruments and equipment from the Library. This is on an appointment basis ONLY. You must email with the instrument you want to use (please indicate the call number, which will be A#, B#, G# or something similar), the date and time you need them, and what you need them for (practice, jury, LPW, etc).

Please remember, the instruments and equipment can only be used on-campus between the hours of 9am and 6pm. All items must be returned by 6pm. Overnight requests are only granted in special circumstances. Items must be returned after 2 hours of usage unless you ask for an extension when scheduling your appointment.

To see what instruments and equipment are available to be checked out, please refer to the Instruments and Equipment Guide.


Starting April 19, 2021, all Library items may be returned to the Library as normal. You may do this in one of three ways:

  1. Curbside dropoff. If you don't wish to be on campus, you may email with your name, student ID, and which items you will be returning. We will then schedule a date and time where the Librarian will meet you outside the McCadden entrance and retrieve your items. Masks for all people in the vehicle must be worn at all times.
  2. Security dropoff. If you will be on campus and do not have time to go to the library, you may leave items at the security desk near McCadden. Please let the guard know that this is a Library item so that they can call us to come down and retrieve it.
  3. Library dropoff. If you will be near the Library, we have boxes outside the Library where you can drop off small items like books, scores, CDs, DVDs, or certain equipment. If you will be returning an instrument, please knock on the door and we will come retrieve it immediately.


Similar to the past two terms, if you need something printed (as in music for your juries, for an assignment, or something similar), you can email with your name, student ID, and the document you'd like to be printed, ideally in PDF form. It costs $0.10/page. We will calculate the cost and have it applied to your student account.

Once we have received confirmation that you are ok with the cost, we will print the items and place them in the bin outside the library for you to pick up as is convenient. 

Please email us a week before you need your items printed as we may receive a high volume of requests. Thank you in advance.

Online Resources

Here are some useful online resources:

  • Overdrive is a database of eBooks. We have also added master's students' papers for you to access. You can log in with your MI email for access.
  • JSTOR is a database with peer reviewed journal articles and books on a variety of topics including music. Just log in with your MI email to access hundreds of thousands of free resources.
  • Grove Music Online is a group of music encyclopedias that can give basic biographical or descriptive information useful for research. Log in with you MI email when prompted to have access.
  • Other Free Resources is a guide created by our Librarian of other free online resources available for you to use.
  • Our list of databases provides dozens of databases that you can access through MI.
  • The Citation Guide is a good resource to assist you in creating citations for your various classes
  • The Music Copyright and Licensing Guide provides a brief overview of music copyright and licensing.

Questions? Comments Concerns?

If you have any questions about our policies, please email us at and we will get back to you within 24 hours.