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Musicians Insitute Library

About the Library

On-Campus Procedures

As of July 5, 2021, the Library will be partially open. We will have some computer stations open and we ask that students only use the computers for no more than 90 minutes. Practice stations will remain closed. Listed below are some additional policies that will be in place. Please direct any questions you have to

Masks are required for all people in the Library at all times. All Library employees will be vaccinated to work on campus.

Our hours for the Summer 2021 term are as follows:

Monday-Friday: 9:30am-5pm

Saturday & Sunday: CLOSED

As a reminder, all instruments must be returned an hour before we close (4pm). If that is not possible or you need the item overnight, please submit this overnight request form BEFORE you check out the item. Thank you in advance.

Check-Out Policies

As of July 5, 2021, all check out policies will resume as normal. Please see below for our policy:

Items Available for Check-Out

  • Books and scores in the circulating collection
  • DVDs, CDs
  • Reserve Materials (2 hour reserves generally must be utilized on library premises)
  • Musical instruments, headphones, pedals, and misc. equipment
  • Magazines

The following categories of materials are not circulated.

  • Clinic DVDs

Please note that this policy only applies to current faculty, staff, and students. Alumni accounts will be deleted upon graduation and they will not be allowed to check out items.

Check-Out Period

This policy will take effect January 1, 2020. Any items checked out before then will be subject to the previous check-out rules.

All materials must be checked out 2 hours before closing time of the library. INSTRUMENTS AND EQUIPMENT MAY NOT BE TAKEN OFF CAMPUS. IF YOU CANNOT RETURN THE ITEM TO THE LIBRARY FOR SOME REASON PLEASE LEAVE IT WITH SECURITY. For information about our hours, see the homepage.

Material Type Musicians Institute Students (Not Masters) Musicians Institute Graduate Students Musicians Institute Faculty & Staff Musicians Institute Program Chairs
Books and Periodicals 1 week 2 weeks 4 weeks 1 Quarter
Scores 1 week 2 weeks 4 weeks 1 Quarter
Media* 1 week 2 weeks 4 weeks 1 Quarter
Real Books/Textbooks 2 hours 4 hours 24 hours 48 hours
Instruments** 2 hours 2 hours 4 hours 48 hours
Equipment*** 2 hours 2 hours 4 hours 48 hours
Practice Stations 2 hours 4 hours 4 hours 48 hours

* This includes all CDs and DVDs. NOTE: The Musicians Institute Library does not check out Clinics and Concert DVDs (DS DVDs)

** This includes all guitars, bass guitars, keyboards, and other instruments

*** This includes headphones, amplifiers, tuners, metronomes, pedals, tools, cables, adapters, and more​

Item Limit

There is no limit to the number of books students, faculty and staff may check out with a clear record of no overdue items. There is a limit to one guitar, amp, or primary instrument per check out. Media is limited to three items per check out. 

Borrowing of Equipment and Reserve Materials

Students must present a state issued identification card, driver's license, or passport, to borrow instruments, equipment, course reserves, and real books. This identification will held by the library as collateral for the time that the equipment is borrowed and utilized by the student while on campus. Faculty and staff do not need to present collateral, however they are liable for any damage or loss of item. 


Materials may be renewed unlimited times if no hold has been placed on the item. Items must be brought to the library in order for them to be renewed.


Musicians Institute Library Users may request to place items on hold at the Library’s Circulation Desk, via email to, or by phone. Students, Faculty, and Staff may also log into Alexandria and place a hold there. For information about logins and how to place an item on hold, please ask Library staff via email, phone, chat, or in person.

Overdue, Lost, and Damaged Items

All money collected by the library in fines is deposited back into the MI budget by the MI accounting department. There are no fines for books, media, instruments, or equipment not deemed lost. Any due dates and fees outlined below apply whether or not the library user has received courtesy notification relating to an overdue item.  Library fines and fees will be applied to the student's account.

Library attempts to contact library users regarding overdue items or renewals via email are only a courtesy, not a requirement. There is no fee for overdue materials, however students will not be permitted to check out any library resources until those items are returned. Interlibrary loan items are an exception. Students will be charged $1.00 for every day the item borrowed through interlibrary loan is overdue with no limit. Overdue items cannot be renewed and students must wait 24 hours before being allowed to check out the same item again. 

Items that are overdue for four weeks from the first overdue date are declared lost and will be treated as a lost item. Equipment, instruments, real books, and textbooks not returned within 24 hours of the check-in time are considered lost. Students who have lost an item will be charged the cost of the item plus shipping, and staff time. The library receives payments in cash, check, or by applying the amount to the student's account. If the item is returned after the student pays for a lost item the student’s payment is refunded. Items declared lost after six months of continued periodic searching are withdrawn from library holdings by library staff. The library then decides whether to replace the withdrawn materials if they are up to date and continue to support MI Programs. 

Materials returned damaged will be examined by library staff and equipment by various MI Staff to determine the extent of the damage. If the damage is deemed accidental or the result of normal wear and tear, the item will be repaired in‐house after consultation with library staff and various MI Staff for a repair or replacement decision at no charge to the student. If damage to an item is attributed to the student’s negligence, and the materials or equipment are not repairable, replacement fees apply.  Books found with markings in ink or highlighting are considered damaged beyond repair.  Items damaged beyond repair will be considered lost and the student will be charged the replacement cost inclusive of staff time and shipping costs.  Again, the library only receives payments in cash or check.

Any outstanding fees for equipment or books must be paid before the end of the quarter or the student will not be allowed to check out more materials.

Three-Strike Policy

Anyone who keeps an instrument or equipment overnight without express permission from the Director will receive an email the next day indicating what they have and when they needed to return it. If that person does not respond to the email or return the instrument after 24 hours, they will receive a strike on their account and will be talked to by the Director. After three strikes, their check-out privileges for instruments and equipment will be suspended for two weeks. If this keeps occurring, the Library will use its discretion to further or permanently suspend the person from using the Library's equipment or instruments. 

Course Reserves  

Any program supporting print or online materials owned by the library may be placed on course reserve by a faculty member. Books borrowed through Interlibrary loan may not be placed on reserve. Personal materials may be placed on reserve. Citations of articles within databases may be placed on reserve for students to query; although photo copies of materials may not be placed on reserve or held in the library.

Item Searches  

Items that are not in their proper place within the library should be noted via email to If a book being searched for a student / faculty / staff is located, the person who requested the item will be notified. Library staff will search for items within regular daily equipment inventory or in the case of books on a monthly and as needed basis. Items not located after one month are withdrawn from library holdings and reordered if up to date and in support of MI Programs.   


If you need something printed (as in music for your juries, for an assignment, or something similar), you can email with your name, student ID, the document you'd like to be printed, ideally in PDF form, and when you need it. It costs $0.10/page. We will calculate the cost and have it applied to your student account. Once we have received confirmation that you are ok with the cost, we will print the items and hold them in the library at the circulation desk for you to pick up as is convenient. 

You can also approach the circulation desk and we will instruct you on how to send an item to us to be printed and we will do it then.

Emailing us in advance allows us to ensure you will have your item on time. We encourage you to email us with your document. Please note that printing is only available during business hours at this time.

Online Resources

Here are some useful online resources:

  • Overdrive is a database of eBooks. We have also added master's students' papers for you to access. You can log in with your MI email for access.
  • JSTOR is a database with peer reviewed journal articles and books on a variety of topics including music. Just log in with your MI email to access hundreds of thousands of free resources.
  • Grove Music Online is a group of music encyclopedias that can give basic biographical or descriptive information useful for research. Log in with you MI email when prompted to have access.
  • Other Free Resources is a guide created by our Librarian of other free online resources available for you to use.
  • Our list of databases provides dozens of databases that you can access through MI.
  • The Citation Guide is a good resource to assist you in creating citations for your various classes
  • The Music Copyright and Licensing Guide provides a brief overview of music copyright and licensing.

Questions? Comments Concerns?

If you have any questions about our policies, please email us at and we will get back to you within 24 hours. You can also call (323) 860-1159 or chat with us on the homepage during business hours with any urgent questions.