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Musicians Insitute Library

New Student Employee Training Guide

Add Faculty / Staff Personal Email To Datatel

If faculty / staff personal email is listed in Datatel they may reset their password through​

If faculty / staff personal email is not listed in Datatel we may add it through the following steps:

1.) Go to Datatel: http://vmuiwebsrv:9097/UI/index.html#
2.) Type NAE in the search box (NAE stands for Name Address Entry) 
3.) Type the name of the faculty / staff member in the search box and click enter
4.) Double click the staff member's name in the result
5.) Scroll to the bottom of the form
6.) Under E-Mail Addresses enter the staff / faculty member's personal email address
7.) From the drop down box to the left of the personal email address choose PER for personal
8.) Click SAVE ALL at the top of the screen 
9.) Then click Log Out at the top right of the screen (Make sure to log out of Ellucian Colleague)   


Faculty / Staff May Reset Their Password Through Mobile.MI.EDU

Faculty & Staff May Reset Their Password Through
1.) Go to:
2.) Click on Forgot Password? 
3.) This will bring you to: