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New Student Employee Training Guide

Cataloging Books

Cataloging Books

1.) Use and search the ISBN number (The ISBN number can typically be found on the back cover of the book. If it is not there, it can most likely be found within the first few pages at the very bottom.) to find the title information.

2.) Open the Alexandria app (the white diamond icon in the dock) and open the items window. This can be found by using the "Show" menu, and clicking on "Items".


3.) Create a new blank item template, by clicking the "+" sign in the lower left corner of the Items window, and clicking continue when the "Title, Assistant Search" window pops up.


4.) Use the book to input any available information (i.e title, author, publisher, year, etc) into the Title Information, Publication Tab.

5.) Use Worldcat to input any additional information (i.e. call number). Copy/paste what worldcat lists as the "description" into the "Extent" box under the Title Information, Publication tab.


6.) Use worldcat to input any subject lines into the Title Information, Subject tab.


7.) If there is a Table on Contents listed on Worldcat, copy and paste it to the Title Information, Notes tab under Content Notes.


8.) Affix a barcode to the upper left corner of the book's front cover, and secure it with a Demco strip.


9.) Cilck the Copy Information Tab, and click the green box to add a copy of the item.

10.) Add the new barcode number into the appropriate box under the Copy Information, Copy into tab.

11.) Save the new item entry.