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Musicians Insitute Library

New Student Employee Training Guide

Musicians Institute Library Collection Development Policy

Musicians Institute Library Collection Development Policy

I.          Brief Overview of the Collection

The Musicians Institute Library, established in 1977, collects and houses music related materials inclusive of print

materials such as books, scores, sound recordings, and DVDs. In addition, the Musicians Institute Library preserves,

maintains, and provides access to various Musicians Institute Clinics, Concerts, and Live Performance Workshops

available to students, faculty, and staff online. The Musicians Institute Library is responsible for the selection of

reference, article, eBook, streamed video, and audio databases related to music. The staff of the Musicians Institute

Library provide technical assistance, reference instruction, cataloging, collection maintenance, and circulation

functions within the library.   

II.        Purpose  

The Musicians Institute Library serves to support the instructional programs of the Musicians Institute College of

Contemporary Music Los Angeles by providing materials for enrolled students and by supporting faculty preparation

for these programs inclusive of professional research.   

III.       Selection Guidelines

Selection of materials is based on the instructional, curricular, and supplemental preferences of the students and

faculty within the Musicians Institute of Contemporary Music Los Angeles for the purposes of performance, scholarly

study, and research within the following extensive categories:  

     • Performance editions of music  

     • Music related scholarly literature  

     • Pedagogical editions of music and music industry related materials

     • Music and music industry based sound and video recordings

     • Online databases related to music and music industry

Historically, the focus of the collection has incorporated predominantly mid to late 20th century western popular

music. This scope has evolved slightly as the College of Contemporary Music has broadened to include Music

Industry, K‐Pop, World Cultures, 18th‐21st Century Music, and Classical, Romantic, and Baroque Music.   

IV.       User Population

The Musicians Institute Library’s user population consists of Musicians Institute of Contemporary Music Los Angeles

faculty, staff, and students.  The college consists of approximately 800 undergraduate majors, 250 faculty members,

10 chairs, and 3 deans. The Musicians Institute of Contemporary Music Los Angeles is a comprehensive college

offering study at the certificate, associates, and bachelors levels within the following divisions of Bachelor of Music,

Associate of Arts, Certificate, and Non‐Certificate in Performance Programs inclusive of: Bass, Guitar, Keyboard,

Vocals, Drums, Media Scoring, and Certificate and Non‐ Certificate Programs offered within Industry Programs

inclusive of: Audio Engineering, Independent Artist, Guitar Craft, and Music Business.   

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