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Musicians Insitute Library

New Student Employee Training Guide

Confidentiality Policy

As noted above, the library adheres to the ALA “Code of Ethics,” and the ACRL “Intellectual Freedom Principles,” which forbid the releasing of any information about students’ faculty, or staffs’ use of library materials or equipment to access information. In an effort to protect a borrower’s privacy library staff are not to reveal who has an item checked out presently, who has checked items out in the past, who has an item on hold, etc.  

Library staff are not to give out home addresses, phone numbers, email addresses, or other personal information in regard to anyone on campus inclusive of library staff members. If these privacy policies are questioned please direct the question to the Director of Library Services or library staff supervisor on shift.  

If the questioning of the library privacy policy occurs after hours please email the question and the questioner’s contact information to and they will be contacted via email on the following business day. Library staff may notify the person whom is interested only whether or not an item is checked out; not to whom it's checked out.