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Musicians Insitute Library

New Student Employee Training Guide

Circulation Desk Operations

There are at least two staff members on shift at all times during library operational hours.

Musicians Institute Library Hours of Operation

Musicians Institute Library Loan Periods


Number of Items That Can Be Borrowed at Once

There is no limit to the number of books students, faculty and staff may check out with a clear record of no overdue items. There is a limit to one guitar, amp, or primary instrument per check out. Media is limited to three items per check out. 


State Issued i.d. or Passport are Required for the Borrowing of Equipment and Reserve Materials

Students must present a state issued identification card, driver's license, or passport, to borrow equipment, to be held by the library for the two hours that the equipment is borrowed and utilized by the student while on campus.  



Materials may be renewed once if no hold has been placed on the item.



Musicians Institute Library Users may request to place items on hold at the Library’s Circulation Desk, via email to, or by phone.  


Overdue, Lost, and Damaged Items

Notices of overdue materials are sent via email as a courtesy. Items overdue for four weeks are declared lost. Items declared lost after six months of continued periodic searching are withdrawn from library holdings by library staff. The library then decides whether to replace the withdrawn materials if they are up to date and continue to support MI Programs.  

Materials returned damaged will be examined by library staff and equipment by various MI Staff to determine the extent of the damage; if the damage is attributed to the student’s negligence, and the materials or equipment are not repairable, replacement fees apply. If the damage is deemed accidental or the result of normal wear and tear, no charges apply. Repairable damage is repaired inā€house after consultation with library staff and various MI Staff for a repair or replacement decision.  Books found with markings in ink or highlighting will have to be to be withdrawn and students will be charged unless it’s determined that the damage was caused prior to the current student check out.


Fines and Fees

All the money collected by the library in fines and fees is deposited back into the MI budget by the MI accounting department. There are no fines and fees for books, media, instruments, or equipment not deemed lost. If the library makes significant attempts to contact the student in question to return the item with no response the student’s account will then be charged the cost of the materials / equipment.  

Items declared lost through the automatic process or by the user will be charged at the cost of the item plus shipping, and staff time. If the item is returned after the student pays for a lost item the student’s payment is refunded. Items damaged beyond repair will be considered lost and the student will be charged the replacement cost inclusive of staff time and shipping costs.  

Library attempts to contact library users regarding overdue items or renewals via email are only a courtesy, not a requirement. Due dates and fees apply whether or not the library user has received courtesy notification relating to an overdue item.  

At the end of each quarter any lost materials or equipment still not paid for by students will be reported to the Registrar inclusive of the replacement values for each piece of equipment. Student registration will be placed on hold if a student has lost materials or lost equipment fees for which they have not paid.  


Course Reserves  

Any program supporting print or online materials owned by the library may be placed on course reserve by a faculty member. Books borrowed through Interlibrary loan may not be placed on reserve. Personal materials may be placed on reserve. Citations of articles within databases may be placed on reserve for students to query; although photo copies of materials may not be placed on reserve or held in the library.


Item Searches  

Items that are not in their proper place within the library should be noted via email to or on the end of shift form that all library staff fill out at the end of every shift. If a book being searched for a student / faculty / staff is located the person whom requested the item will be notified. Library staff will search for items within regular daily equipment inventory or in the case of books on a monthly and as needed basis. Items not located after one month are withdrawn from library holdings and reordered if up to date and in support of MI Programs.