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Musicians Insitute Library

New Student Employee Training Guide

Cataloging Magazine

Cataloging Magazines

1.) Open Alexandria (white diamond icon) and login with the admin credentials

     Username: staff1   Password: library4

2.) Use the "Show" menu, and click "Items"

3.) Click the plus (+) button in the lower left corner of the Items window.

4.) Click “Continue” in the “Title Assistant, Search” window to open a blank items template.

5.) Change the medium to “Periodical”.

6.) Use the magazine to input all the pertinent information under the Publication Tab (i.e., Title, ISBN, Publisher, Place of Publication, Year of Publication). The title should be the name of the magazine followed by a comma and the month/year of issue (ie. Guitar Player, May 2017). This information can typically be found near the table of contents page.

7.) Create a call number by using the initials of the magazine title, the volume number and the issue number. For example, if the magazine is Guitar Player Volume 8 Issue 14, the call number would be GP 0814. The volume and issue number can also typically be found on or near the table of contents page.

8.) Use Google and search the "title, month year" to find a picture of the particular issue and copy/paste it to into the grey image placeholder. Once the image is in the clipboard, right click the grey book and select “Paste Item Picture”.

9.) Use and search the ISBN number to find the publication, and copy/paste the description information into the “extent” box under the Publication tab. 

10.) Use worldcat to enter all of the subject lines into the subject boxes under the Subjects tab.

11.) Add all of the magazine cover lines to the “Contents” section under the Notes tab, including song names of all transcriptions featured in the magazines.

12.) Apply a barcode to the magazine in the lower right, and secure it with a Demco sticker.

13.) Write the call number on a folder label and apply it to the top of the spine.

14.) Click the Copy Information tab and click the green section. When the confirmation window pops up, click "Yes" to add a copy.

15.) Enter the barcode number into the barcode box under the Copy Information tab.

16.) Save the entry and shelve the magazine.