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Musicians Insitute Library

New Student Employee Training Guide

Musicians Institute Library Mission Statement

The Musicians Institute Library strives to support the comprehensive, innovative, and unique educational and research goals of the Musicians Institute College of Contemporary Music  through the providing of resources, information, and services essential to students, faculty, and staff.  These services include reference, instruction, and the acquisition and provision of online and in‐house materials both scholarly and supplemental in an effort to aid in student academic success.


Musicians Institute Library Goals

Provide exceptional, timely, and accurate point of contact circulation and reference services while assisting the Musicians Institute students, faculty, and staff with scholarly and supplemental remote research via online databases and archives, inter‐library loan, and also through the physical locating, borrowing, requesting and returning of materials.

Facilitate a space offering the forefront of available technologies through which students of the Musicians Institute may achieve academic success offering an inviting space for research and the sharpening of skill within their discipline by means of a pristine modern environment that fosters creativity and is conducive to study.   

Ensure preservation of the Musicians Institute intellectual assets or trade secrets providing students and faculty with recorded live performance workshops, concerts, and clinics online and maintaining a digital library containing expansive MI content with enduring value.  

Offer individual and course instruction on effective research and information retrieval online, remotely, and in multiple formats. Work with faculty to provide and deliver effective, contemporary, course related materials. Develop and maintain the consistently evolving Musicians Institute Library collections with an eye toward the future.  

Maintain a friendly, helpful point of contact for all Musicians Institute faculty, students, and staff while serving as a link between students, faculty, and various campus entities. Offer continuing education opportunities for those employed with the library in an effort to continue along the lines of the college’s pioneering, entrepreneurial, and industry relevant spirit.