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Musicians Insitute Library

New Student Employee Training Guide

How to Flag Students with Overdue Materials in Datatel

Flagging Students

  1. Go to Datatel: http://vmuiwebsrv:9097/UI/index.html#
  2. You will first have to install the software
  3. On the upper left side Form Search write “perc” and select PERC Person Restrictions
  4. On Person Look-up write the student’s ID number of name
  5. On the student’s profile Restrictions write “libr” and hit ENTER
  6. On the Severity column write: 60
  7. Click the magnifying glass and write OVERDUE + the item on the new window
  8. Click Save on the new window and Save on the main window  (*not Save All)
  9. Click UPDATE on the new window
  10. Click NEXT on the window (only come up if you change a student’s record)