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Musicians Insitute Library

New Student Employee Training Guide

Password Reset Instructions

How To Reset MI Student Email and Portal Passwords

1.) Connect to Microsoft Remote Desktop (Red Square Icon in Dock)

       Username: libraryuser 
       Password: library4

2.) Double-click “Password Reset” under “MyDesktops”

3.) Open up Active Directory Users and Computers

4.) Make sure that the “” folder is highlighted

5.) From the top menu choose “Action,” click “Find”

6.) Type in the student’s name and press Enter

7.) Locate the student in the search results and double-click their name. If their name doesn’t show up, try searching their last name and first initial i.e. username.

8.) Click the “Account” tab to ensure that all pertinent information is correct

9.) If the username is correct, close this window to return to the search results


10.) Right-click on the student’s name to open a pop-up menu

11.) Click “Reset Password”

12.) Uncheck the box that says “User must change password at next log in”

13.) Type in the new password (default MI passwords are six-digit birth dates, mm/dd/yy)