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Instrument and Equipment Guide

This guide is meant to illuminate and educate readers about the many facets of what makes a guitar feel and sound different from one another. This is to aid students decide what guitar will best suit their needs when checking an instrument out at the libr

Guide to Sections

This following pages contain information regarding the parts and funcationality of the guitar. 

Types of Guitars will cover the basic differences between the four main types of guitars and how their construction lends to their unique sonic qualities.

Anatomy of the Guitar contains specific information about the individual pieces and aspects of a guitar and how each part plays its role in determining how the instrument feels.

Pickups explains how electric guitars have their sound captured and altered by these devices, as well as covering the defining characteristics between the 3 main types of pickups (Single-Coil, Humbucker, P90).

Characteristics of Guitar Sounds will cover some of descriptive words that can be applied to the sounds that guitars make.

Brands of Guitars contains links to the various websites of the manufacturers for the guitars equipment in our collection, as well as a list of some famous artists associated with each brands.