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Front cover of the Handbook of the International Phonetic Association          Handbook of the International Phonetic Association

ISBN: 0521652367

Publication Information: Cambridge, UK: Cambridge University Press, 1999.

This book is a comprehensive guide to the International Phonetic Alphabet, whose aim is to provide a universally agreed system of notation for the sounds of languages, and which has been widely used for over a century. The Handbook presents the basics of phonetic analysis so that the principles underlying the   Alphabet can be readily understood, and gives examples of the use of each of the phonetic symbols. The   application of the Alphabet is then demonstrated in nearly 30 'Illustrations' - concise analyses of the sound systems of a range of languages, each of them accompanied by a phonetic transcription of a passage of speech. The Handbook also includes the 'Extensions' to the Alphabet, covering speech sounds beyond the sound-systems of languages, and a listing of the internationally agreed computer codings for phonetic symbols. It is an essential reference work for all those involved in the analysis of speech.


      IPA Made Easy by Anna Wentlent

ISBN: 1470615614

Publication Information: Van Nuys, CA: Alfred Publishing Company, 2014.

How many years has it been since your last diction class? This handy guidebook is an easy reference for the symbols used in IPA: what they look like and how they are pronounced. Example words for every symbol are included in English, Latin, Italian, German, French, and Spanish. And an online resource includes recorded demonstrations of every sound. A clear and concise tool for singing in foreign languages, equally useful in the choir room and the vocal studio.