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Music, Race and Cultural Freedom: Music, Race and Cultural Freedom

Music, Race and Cultural Freedom

Freedom Through Music

Art and music have always been the mediums for people to express their feelings either from creating it, experiencing it, listening to it, seeing it or feeling it. From the beginning of time, music has been the voice of the oppressed and has been the catalyst for cultural change. Through music, the voiceless have been able to express themselves and be seen. Music lifts our spirits, our hopes and our future and will always keep on doing so. 

The history of racial inequality throughout not only America but the world, is a long and complicated one. However racial equality and music have gone hand in hand throughout the years, attempting to bring justice, freedom and a better world for people who haven’t had a voice to fight for themselves. 

The purpose of this guide is to bring together resources that shine a light on the relationship between music, race and freedom and how these have been entirely connected throughout the fight for racial equality. 


This guide will include resources like books, articles, videos, documentaries and music that represent and celebrate black musicians, and how their experience and accomplishments have permeated the fight for cultural freedom and racial equality.