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Musicians Institute Scholarly Press

Musicians Institute Scholarly Press

History of the Press

Established in 2022 by Casey Burgess, the current Director of Library Services, Musicians Institute Scholarly Press aims to collect and distribute materials created by students in the course of their studies. The Press was created in conjunction with the Master's Level Research Methods courses, taught by Christian Dubeau, as part of the requirement to publish the papers created by our Master's students. We are interested in collecting other works by students in the future. Please note our publishing guidelines and description of requirements. All of our publications can be found on the corresponding tab to the left.

We collect permissions from the students to publish these papers on the website. While all of our publications are completely open source, they are read-only to protect our students' copyrights. Students retain the copyrights of their work but by submitting them are agreeing to having it published on the site. Please see the library's Copyright Policies for more information.


The mission of the Musicians Institute Scholarly Press is to advance scholarship at Musicians Institute by publishing and advertising the works of our students, faculty, and staff as applicable. Our goal is to advance conversation about various topics related to contemporary and popular music and encourage others to research topics. Our publications remain as an open educational resource in order to provide equitable access to these materials.


The vision of the Musicians Institute Scholarly Press is:

  • To have an open, accessible set of journals written by students, faculty, and staff on topics relevant to contemporary and popular music.
  • To encourage high academic achievement, especially in written materials, by and for our community.
  • To educate students on proper formatting and citations for publication and give them an opportunity to be published before graduating.
  • To share the academic achievements of our students, faculty, and staff on social media and with institutions that have an interest in the scholarship of Musicians Institute.
  • To open conversation about these topics and foster curiosity within our community on research subjects.