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Student Login Guide: Mobile

Mobile is where you can see your schedule laid out by day as well as where you can sign up for LPWs, Open Counselings, and book Rehearsal Rooms. You can also access charts for LPWs and see what books you might need for your upcoming classes on this site! There's also an option to view your Student ID, just in case you forgot your physical ID at home!

  • In the browser of your choice, head to (or click the link on the homepage of
  • When prompted, log in
    • Your username will be either your student email (ex: or your student username (ex: doej456) and password
    • Your password will be your birthdate that the school has on record in MMDDYY format. (ex: if your birthdate is January 22, 1993, your password would be 012293)
  • Click "Sign In"

Please note that all MI sites are optimized for Google Chrome