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Student Login Guide: MI Bookstore

The MI Bookstore is both a website, and an application!

On the website, you can purchase books and download the app on your computer or mobile device. E-Books that available on the MI Bookstore and required for your currently enrolled classes are included in your tuition for the quarter and do not need to be repurchased. However, if you would like to either purchase a book that is not required for one of your currently enrolled classes, or if you would like to purchase a physical copy of the book then those purchases are not included in that current quarter's tuition.

On the application you are able to view your purchased e-books from the MI Bookstore. Please note that for the Bookstore app you can only be signed into your MI Bookstore account on 3 separate devices at a time. If you would like to sign in to a new device, make sure to go to the website and de-register one of the devices by going into "My Account", selecting "Manage Devices" and clicking "Remove" under the device you wish to remove.

For The Website

  • On the browser of your choice (Google Chrome is recommended) go to (or access the site via
  • Select "Login"
    • Your username will be your full student email (ex:
    • Your password will be your student username, which is everything in your email before the "@" symbol (ex: doej456)
  • Make sure to complete the reCAPTCHA
  • Click "Log In"

For The Application

  • Download the app onto your computer or mobile device
  • Tap/Click on the outline of a person in the upper right hand corner
    • Your username will be your full student email (ex:
    • Your password will be the username for your email, everything before the "@" symbol (ex: doej456)
  • After logging in, any textbooks that you have purchased or books that were included in your tuition for the quarter should show a "download" button
  • Questions about the Bookstore should be directed to


Please note that all MI sites are optimized for Google Chrome